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  • Medical Cold Room

    Medical cold room projectDrugs, vaccines and reagents are all stored in the medical cold room. Medical cold rooms have a wide range of applications, from pharmaceutical manufacturing company, pharmaceutical sales company, hospital, clinic, community health station, epidemic prevention station and so Read More

  • Why does the cold room temperature not fall down?

    Why does the cold room temperature not fall down?There are many reasons why cold room temperature can not fall down. The following six common reasons are for your reference:1.Because evaporator surface frosts too thick or dust too much, so the heat transfer effect decreases.There are two methods to Read More

  • Factors to be considered in installing cold room

    Factors to be Considered in Installing cold room Jiangsu Linble Cold Chain Technology CO., Ltd. is an international cold chain interation supplier of peoduction, sales and research. We not only have own factory producing cold room since 1995, but also continuously integrate the upstream Read More

  • Cadaver freezer babinet

    Cadaver freezer babinetProduct features:1.Core material of insulated panel is polyurethane, which has good insulation. Surface material is 304 stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance.2.The refrigeration equipment adopts international famous compressor brands such as Bitzel, Copeland, th Read More

  • Explosion-proof cold storage

    Explosion-proof cold storageProducts features1、Good performance, low priceThe explosion-proof cold storage adopts the advanced integrated explosion-proof technology, so that the volume and weight of the explosion-proof system is only one tenth of the traditional explosion-proof technology. The safet Read More

  • How to defrost in cold storage

    Evaporator frosting will increase thermal resistance and decrease heat transfer coefficient. It will affect the normal use of cold storage. So we should pay attention to the maintenance of the evaporator in the cold storage. How to defrost in time? 1. Manual defrostingAdvantage: Simple and eas Read More

  • Difference between Aluminum Pipe and Steel Pipe

    Difference between aluminum pipe and steel pipe 1.Aluminum has good thermal conductivity, reasonable configuration, 20% increase in heat exchange capacity. Small temperature difference between evaporation temperature of refrigerant in the tube and temperature in cold room. Higher evaporation tempera Read More

  • Acid discharging cold storage

    Because the animal lost its life and movement after being slaughtered, the cells in the animal lost their oxygen supply to the blood. At this time, meat products will produce harmful lactic acidIn order to eliminate this phenomenon, the meat products after slaughtering are usually placed in a low te Read More

  • Changxue Group Building: outdoor barbecue

    In sunny May, our team organized a barbecue. The team is getting stronger. I hope we can move on with our original heart. Read More

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