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50mm Cold Room Pu Sandwich Panel

Changxue cold room pu sandwich panel, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm,180mm and 200mm thickness, 0.3mm to 1mm color plate, 304 stainless steel. The flame retardant grade is B2. PU panel are injected with 100% polyurethane (CFC free) with an average foam-in-place density of 42-44kg/m³.With our cold room panels, you can efficiently insulate your cold room and freezer room.

Pu sandwich panel structure

Cam-lock type PU sandwich panel is connected by cam-lock, it is easy to install, and has advantages of fire resistance, high compressive strength, good sealing, and etc. It is suit for temperature of -50°C to +100°C, and nonperishable.
Taking polyurethane with excellent insulation performance as core material and pre-painted galvanized iron (PPGI/color steel), 304 stainless steel or aluminum as external material, PU sandwich panel can reduce the heat conduction due to difference between internal and external temperature to achieve maximum efficiency of freezing and refrigeration system.

Cold room applications

Cold room is widely used in food industry, medical industry, and other related industries.
In food industry, cold room is usually used in food process factory, slaughterhouse, fruit and vegetable
warehouse,supermarket,hotel, restaurant, etc.
In medical industry, cold room is usually used in hospital, pharmaceutical factory, blood center, gene center, etc.
Other related industries, such as chemical factory, laboratory, logistics center, they also need cold room.

Product parameter

Different applicable temperature with different thickness of PU panel

Thickness of PU panel
Applicable temperature
Temperature 5°C or above
Temperature -5°C or above
Temperature -15°C or above
Temperature -25°C or above
Temperature -35°C or above
Temperature -40°C or above
Temperature -45°C or above
Features of PU sandwich panel:
(1) Size: the standard width of PU sandwich panel will be 960mm, the length can be customized, we suggest to produce length of 2900mm,5900mm or 11800mm, to suit the shipping container of 20GP, 40GP or 40HC.
(2) Connected by cam-lock with tape, no more polyurethane will be filled into cam lock when producing, it is easier to install.
(3) Using fluoride-free polyurethane and flame retardant, it is more environment-friendly and safe.
(4) For surface material of PU sandwich panel,it can be flat, or with ribbing of 15mm width or with ribbing of 50mm width.
(5) Foamed by high pressure with density of 38-42 kg/m3, the thermal insulation is good.
(6) We will supply L-shape metal, decorating metal and U-shape metal for cold room, they can also be customized.
(7) Panels can be covered with embossed aluminum steel additionally for longer service life.

Step 1:Floor panel
Step 2: Wall panel
Step 3: Ceiling panel

Panels will be marked according to drawing and connected by cam locks, you just need to lock different panels together, then seal them with sealant to keep sealed.
You can watch the following video about how to install cold room.

For safety and stability of large cold room, we will supply accessories to make roof panel fixed to steel structure outside cold room. There are mushroom head, screw rod and regulating parts or other accessories with same function according to cold room situation.
Packing and delivery

Cold room panels(PU sandwich panel) and doors will be packed by PVC film, refrigeration equipment will be packed by wooden case. 
We have professional shipping companies like MSK,CSCL,CNC,COSCO,APL to support us on shipment. Your cargos will be delivered to you safely and quickly. We'll also choose the most suitable way and lowest delivery cost for you.