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Changzhou Changxue Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. We specialize in the production of high-quality cold room panel, cold room door and building an integrated cold room.The cold room panel board uses polyurethane as the internal raw material, covering a variety of sizes from 50mm to 200mm.The panel has coloured steel plate, stainless steel plate and embossed aluminium plate.Cold room door includes manual door and electric door, single door, double door and other types. Flame retardant of grade B2 can be achieved in both cold room panel and cold room door.
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  • Medical Cold Room

    Medical cold room projectDrugs, vaccines and reagents are all stored in the medical cold room. Medical cold rooms have a wide range of applications, from pharmaceutical manufacturing company, pharmaceutical sales company, hospital, clinic, community health station, epidemic prevention station and so

  • Why does the cold room temperature not fall down?

    Why does the cold room temperature not fall down?There are many reasons why cold room temperature can not fall down. The following six common reasons are for your reference:1.Because evaporator surface frosts too thick or dust too much, so the heat transfer effect decreases.There are two methods to

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    Factors to be Considered in Installing cold room Jiangsu Linble Cold Chain Technology CO., Ltd. is an international cold chain interation supplier of peoduction, sales and research. We not only have own factory producing cold room since 1995, but also continuously integrate the upstream


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