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Cold Storage for Chicken And Beef

Density of PU:40±2kg/m³
Thickness of panels:50mm,75mm,100mm,120m,150mm,180mm and 200mm
Thickness of 304 stainless steel:0.5mm,0.6mm,0.7mm,0.8mm
  • PU sandiwch panel with 304 stainless steel in both sides

  • Changxue

CX (1)

product description

The CHANGXUE cold room includes chiller room, frozen room, quick-freezing room,  quick-freezing tunnel and so on. These products are not only widely used in supermarkets, medicine, hotels, canteens, aquatic products, meat, vegetables, fruits and other industries, but also suitable for electronic, mechanical and chemical refrigeration testing industry.

cold room


1. Temperature: -50º C ~ + 50ºC are all available
2. Size: Customized
3. Functions: Fresh keeping, freezing, quick-freezing, fireproof, explosion-proof are all available
4. Good performance, low noise and high reliability
5. World famous brand refrigeration accessories, guarantee long use cycle.(Bitzer, Copeland, Danfoss,Schneider)
6. The automatic high precision digital temperature controller is easy to operate.

7. Adjustable indoor temperature saves up to 30% electricity.

Compressor unit

Compressor unit

Brand:Germany Bitzer and America Copeland compressor unit optional(Guarantee the authenticity of the compressor)


High quality, large cooling capacity, stable performance

Evaporator air cooler

Evaporator air cooler

Model:DD,DJ,DL.DD series is for medium temperature; DJ series is for low temperature;DL series is for high temperature.

Low cost, high cost performance

Water flushing frost

Monoblock refrigeration unit

Monoblock refrigeration unit

Used for small cold room with temperature -5°C~5°C or - 15°C~-20°C

Easy installation and compact structure: condensing unit and evaporator made in one single block

PU insulated panel

PU insulated panel


Surface material: color steel, 304 stainless steel


Panel connection: cam lock connection

Fireproof grade: B2

Cold room door

Cold room door

Type: Hinged door,sliding door, swing door

Thickness:100mm and 150mm

Electric heating wire for low temperature application, escape device for emergency

Refrigeration fittings

Refrigeration fittings


Air curtain

Danfoss valve

Copper pipe

Thickness of cold storage panel
Application temperature
50mm Temperature 5°C or above
75mm Temperature -5°C or above
100mm Temperature -15°C or above
120mm Temperature -25°C or above
150mm Temperature -35°C or above
180mm Temperature -40°C or above
200mm Temperature -45°C or above

Our project

Our project:
Picture 1: Large cold room project in Angola
Picture 2: Plasma library in Singapore
Picture 3: Fruit and vegetable cold room project in Nigeria

Our project

Our project:

Picture 4: 50mm thick panel for plant in Fiji
Picture 5: Fruit and vegetable cold room project in Uzbekistan
Picture 6:Large banana cold room in China







As a professional enterprise specializing in manufacture and marketing of refrigeration equipment, Changzhou Changxue has grown up as a success one in China in the market of refrigeration. We have set up a foreign trade department for servicing our clients from other countries;
We can certainly offer you:
1. Best quality & best price.
2. Satisfactory service.
3. Long-term cooperate relationship.
4. Door-to-door service under a paid partnership.
And we also accept:
1. Visit to our factory.
2. Airport picking-up.
3. Customized requirement.
4. Inspection from your side any time during the production process and before loading.


Packing & Delivery

1.Conventional packing:carton
2.Delivery time:15 Days after confirm
3.From confirming the order to shipment,our after-sale service will update the photos to you.


1: What is the thickness of polyurethane panel?

The thickness of polyurethane panel is 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 200mm.

2: If you want to customize the small freezer, the details about the small freezer as follows you should tell me.

(1) What is the size of the small freezer?

(2) What is the small freezer used for?

(3) What is the required temperature of the small freezer?

(4)What is the voltage in your country?

3:What we can do for you?

(1) Custom logo in PVC film.

(2)Custom panel size

(3)Custom cold storage operational program