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V Type Air Cooled Refrigeration Condenser For Cold Room

  • V Type/W Type


Evaporator Condenser

Main features of H-type air cooled Condenser:
1.Condensers’ shell is made of high quality steel plate with plastic spraying, corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance.
2.Different refrigerants like R22, R134a, R404a and R407c are workable.
3.The condensers are tested under air pressure 2.5MPaguarabteeing the products’ high gas tightness.
4.High efficiency heat exchange coil is used.
5.The copper tube and fin are closely combined, and the heat transfer effect is good.

H-type air cooled Condenser Advantage:
1.Water resource is no needed and The operation cost is low.
2.Easy to install and use
3.It will not pollute the environment.
4.It is suitable for areas where water shortage is serious or water supply is difficult.

H-type air cooled Condenser Disadvantages:
1.High input cost
2.The higher condensation temperature reduces the operation efficiency of refrigeration units.
3.It is not suitable for areas with dirty air and dusty climate.

Condenser Detail: