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Water Defrost Evaporator for Cold Room

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Evaporator Introduction

Cold room evaporator can be used as cooling device in different kinds of cold storages, like chiller room, frozen room and blast freezer room. There are DL, DD and DJ model cold room evaporator, which are suit for different room usages.

Cold room evaporator features:
1.Cold room evaporator has reasonable structure, uniform frosting and high efficiency heat exchange.
2.The shell is made of high-quality steel with surface plastic-sprayed, which is corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel shell is optional.
3.Cold room evaporator are assembled with high-quality fan motor with low noise, big air volume. Air duct can be customized for long-distance air.
4.Cold room evaporator is equipped with U-shaped stainless copper pipe evenly, which can shorten the defrosting time.
5.Water defrosting and electric defrosting are optional.

How to select evaporator:
1.When the cold room temperature is around 0℃, select 4.5mm(DL model) as fin space.

2.When the cold room temperature is around -18℃, select 6mm(DD model) as fin space.

3.When the cold room temperature is around -25℃, select 9mm(DJ model) as fin space.

Evaporator Detail:

Axial fan

Material: Aluminum casting rotor, metal blade and guard grill
Protection Class: IP54
Voltage: 380V/50Hz/3 phase or customized


It is equipped with high efficiency coils made from special profile aluminum fins and inner-grooved copper tube.
The fin space in the air cooler will change according to different temperature. In general, fin space:4.5mm,6mm and 9mm.

Heat exchange

We optimize heat exchanger size, row number, circuit design and match the most suitable air volume to make refrigerant fully heat exchange. At least 15% heat transfer efficiency increased.





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