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Cold room door

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The picked lilies should be transported to the shade in time and spread evenly on the ground to dissipate heat and pre-cool.The selected and pre-cooled lily will be packed into boxes or sealed with plastic film bags and packed into cold room. Cold room temperature control at 0℃, relative humidity 65



[Company news] What are the humidity requirements for fruit and vegetable storage?
Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water, which is necessary to maintain their life activity and freshness. After fruits and vegetables are picked, they can no longer get the water supply from the mother, and during the long-term storage process, the water will gradually evaporate.Fruit and vege



[Company news] How to eliminate cold room odor?
1. ozone methodOzone has a strong oxidation effect, not only can eliminate the odor of cold room, but also can stop the growth of microorganisms. Therefore, ozone generator can be used to eliminate the odor of cold room. However, if the storage of food containing more fat in the cold room, it is not



[Company news] How to prevent smell in cold room?
1. Before put in to cold room, food must be inspected and stored without deterioration. 2. Cold room in the stock should be cleaned to eliminate before it is used for storage. 3. The refrigeration capacity of cold room should meet the requirements, and it should control the temperature and humidity



[Company news] Changxue Group Building: outdoor barbecue
In sunny May, our team organized a barbecue. The team is getting stronger. I hope we can move on with our original heart.