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How to eliminate cold room odor?

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How to eliminate cold room odor?

1. ozone method

Ozone has a strong oxidation effect, not only can eliminate the odor of cold room, but also can stop the growth of microorganisms. Therefore, ozone generator can be used to eliminate the odor of cold room. However, if the storage of food containing more fat in the cold room, it is not appropriate to use ozone treatment, so as to avoid fat oxidation rancidity phenomenon, produce more odor.

2. formaldehyde method

If the goods in the cold storage are moved out, you can use 2% of formaldehyde aqueous solution (formalin solution) for disinfection and elimination of odor.

3. vinegar method

Cold room of aquatic products, the smell will be heavy. If you want to store other foods, be sure to thoroughly clean to remove the smell before storing other foods. The method to remove the fishy smell is generally vinegar: after the aquatic products are out of the cold room, the ice on the evaporator is cleaned up, and the cold room temperature is kept below 5℃. The vinegar is sprayed into the cold room with a sprayer, and then the cold room door is closed, and the blower is started off and on, so that the vinegar volatilizes and flows in the cold room, and the fishy smell can be absorbed. Generally after 4 to 24 hours of wind, you can open the cold room door, at this time and then a few hours of continuous wind can blow away the vinegar taste, cold room can be used to store other food.