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Cold storage classification

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There are many kinds of cold storage in our country, and there is a lack of uniform standard. According to the commonly used types of simple introduction is as follows:

(1)According to the size of storage capacity, can be divided into large, medium and small cold storage . According to the cold storage in our country are relatively small and the characteristics of the masses , teh capacity of 1000 tons of storage can be called large cold storage;below 1000 tons and more then 100 tons can be called medium-sized cold storage; below 100 tons can be called small cold storage.

(2)According to the refrigerating machine, the refrigerant can be divided into ammonia refrigerating machine and the fluorine refrigerating machine. In our country, most of cold storage are use Freon cooling system.

(3)According to the indoor temperature , cold storage can be divided into low temperature and high temperature cold storage . Cold storage used for preserving fruits and vegetables is generally high temperature cold storage which the lowest temperature is -2°C. Cold storage used for preserving meat,fish and seafood is generally low temperature cold storage which the temperature is -18°C.

(4)According to evaporator in cold storage, cold storage can be divided into exhaust pipe cold storage and air cooler cold storage. In general, Fresh fruits and vegetables use cold air cooler.




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