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Why does the cold room temperature not fall down?

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Why does the cold room temperature not fall down?

There are many reasons why cold room temperature can not fall down. The following six common reasons are for your reference:

1.Because evaporator surface frosts too thick or dust too much, so the heat transfer effect decreases.

There are two methods to defrost

(1)Stop the compressor operation and open the room door, let the warehouse temperature rise until the frost automatically melts.

(2)After the goods in the cold room are removed, washing the evaporator pipe surface with higher temperature waiter to dissolve frost.

2.Poor insulation or sealing performance

3.There is more air or refrigerated oil in the evaporator, and the heat transfer effect decreases.

4.Throttle valve is improperly regulated or blocked and refrigerant flow rate is too large or too small.

5.Due to long-term operation of compressor, parts will be worn seriously. So sealing performance and refrigeration capacity will be reduced.

6.Insufficient refrigerant or ther is a refrigerant leak in condensing unit.




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