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How to check the air cooler of cold room before installation? (1/2)

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How to check the air cooler of cold room before installation? (1/2)


  • 1. Check whether each part is loose after opening the outer package of the air cooler. If it is loose, it should be tightened again.

  • 2. Check whether the fan blade of the axial flow fan is firmly installed on the motor shaft, and whether the fan blade and the protective cover touch each other.

  • 3. If the air cooler is damaged or deformed due to transportation, it should be repaired before hoisting.

  • 4. The air cooler in the factory before nitrogen pressure, has capillary sealing. Remove the sealing capillary before installation. If there is air flow sound, it means that the cooling fan evaporation tube is well sealed and can be safely used. If there is no sound of air flow, it means that the air cooler evaporation pipe leaks, and it should be checked and installed again.

  • 5. Bolts should be hoisted on the ceiling of the warehouse when installing the ceiling of the air cooler, and the hole spacing should refer to the air cooler manual provided by the manufacturer.

  • 6. The distance between the installation position of the air cooler and the wall, such as the diameter of the fan 40cm or less than 40cm, should be kept 25~30cm, in order to facilitate the circulation of cold air in the cold room and the maintenance of the air cooler.