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Difference between Aluminum Pipe and Steel Pipe

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Difference between aluminum pipe and steel pipe

 1.Aluminum has good thermal conductivity, reasonable configuration, 20% increase in heat exchange capacity. Small temperature difference between evaporation temperature of refrigerant in the tube and temperature in cold room. Higher evaporation temperature, increased energy efficiency ratio of compressor, reduced energy consumption, and significant energy saving effect.

2.Reasonable structure design

The inner surface area of aluminum pipe with the same length is 1.5 times of that of steel pipe, the outer surface area is 2.5 times of that of steel pipe, the inner volume is one quarter of that of steel pipe, the refrigerant consumption is less, 2 / 3 of that of steel pipe is saved, and the system operation cost is saved. For same cold room, only the top row of aluminum pipes can meet the requirements, while the steel pipes also need to be equipped with wall pipes. In terms of convective heat transfer mode, the top row is the most reasonable and the convective heat transfer efficiency is the highest.

3.Light weight

For  per unit evaporation area,the weight of aluminum pipe is one sixth of that of steel row. Therefore, the installation is convenient and the support cost is reduced.

4. The aluminum pipe has high internal finish, easy to clean and prolong the service life of the compressor, while the steel pipe is easy to rust, resulting in system blockage.

5. Fluorine system is equipped with aluminum platoon, which can be equipped with electric defrosting device to solve the problem of difficult defrosting of steel.

6. Each wing tube fin and tube of aluminum pipe are extruded together, with high pressure resistance and good strength.

Generally speaking, for  per unit evaporation area, the cost of aluminum pipe is higher than that of steel pipe, its performance is much better than that of steel pipe in terms of reducing energy consumption and saving energy by 30% in the long run, and the market prospect of aluminum exhaust pipe is promising.

Difference between aluminum pipe and steel pipe