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Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water, which is necessary to maintain their life activity and freshness. After fruits and vegetables are picked, they can no longer get the water supply from the mother, and during the long-term storage process, the water will gradually evaporate.Fruit and vege



[Company news] How to eliminate cold room odor?
1. ozone methodOzone has a strong oxidation effect, not only can eliminate the odor of cold room, but also can stop the growth of microorganisms. Therefore, ozone generator can be used to eliminate the odor of cold room. However, if the storage of food containing more fat in the cold room, it is not



[Company news] How to prevent smell in cold room?
1. Before put in to cold room, food must be inspected and stored without deterioration. 2. Cold room in the stock should be cleaned to eliminate before it is used for storage. 3. The refrigeration capacity of cold room should meet the requirements, and it should control the temperature and humidity



[Company news] What are the causes of peculiar smell in cold room?
1. Sometimes food has peculiar smell before it enters the cold room, because the food has been spoilage phenomenon before entering the cold room. 2. Cold room of fish, shrimp, crabs and other aquatic products is not cleaned in place after cleaning, resulting in microbial reproduction and peculiar sm



[Company news] What are the disinfection requirements for cold room?
In order to ensure the health management of cold room and the quality of food, cold room disinfection should be carried out regularly, usually once a month. When cold room is disinfected, acid disinfectant can be used for disinfection. The bactericidal function of acid disinfectant is mainly to coag



[Company news] What are the installation requirements for the valves of cold room?
1.For the expansion valve of the air coolerWhen installing a expansion valve, the heat expansion valve packages should be installed in as much as possible close to the condole top level on the cooling fan muffler, thermal bags must not be installed in the bottom of the suction tube, thermal package



[Industry news] Pu panel
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