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Pu panel

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Stainless steel sheets, colored steel sheets and embossed aluminum sheets, etc can all be used. This makes the final products light weight, but still remains high strength, good insulation performance, anti-rust. 

The foaming density has large difference between summer and winter, from 38kg/m³to 42kg/m³. We produce the polyurethane panel in insulated work shop to keep the best proper production ambient temperature.

 Our standard panel thickness include: 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 200mm, Standard panel width 960mm. Or we can produce with your customized requirement.

 We provide multiple solution for customers. We cover both indoor use and outdoor use. Single room, double room, multiple room. Refrigeration system can be air cooled, water cooled or air cooling, depending on the customer's situation.