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How to check the air cooler of cold room before installation? (2/2)

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  • 1. After installation, the air cooler should be level.

  • 2. The drain pipe of the air cooler should have a certain slope to the cold room, so that the defrosting water can be smoothly discharged out of the cold room. The connecting pipe outside the cold room should be bent into a U shape, and a certain liquid seal should be kept in the pipe to prevent a lot of hot air outside the cold room from entering the cold room.

  • 3. Heat preservation should be added outside the drain pipe in the cold room, and electric heat pipes should be added inside the drain pipe when the cold room temperature is lower than -5℃ to prevent defrosting water from freezing in the process of drainage.

  • 4. When installing the expansion valve, the temperature sensing bag must be tightly tied on the upper part of the horizontal air return pipe and ensure good contact with the air return pipe. It should be moisturized outside the air return pipe to prevent the temperature sensing bag from being affected by the cold room temperature.

  • 5. The outlet of the air cooler should avoid the beam or column of the cold room, so as not to affect the air supply range.