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How to choose the compressor and evaporator of cold room?

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1 For compressor

    When selecting a compressor, it is necessary to choose a compressor that is durable, easy to use and low in operation and maintenance costs on the basis of meeting the requirements of refrigeration capacity. In general, small cold room uses fully enclosed compressors, because fully enclosed compressors have small power and relatively cheap price; Medium-sized cold room capacity is large, generally choose multi-cylinder semi-closed compressor.

2 For evaporator

    Generally, cold room uses air cooler as evaporator, which has the characteristics of fast refrigeration and large cold capacity. However, when storing fruits, vegetables and other products, it is easy to cause water loss of cooling goods.

Compared with the air cooler, the static evaporator has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency and uniform refrigeration, so the static evaporator is used in some freezer cold room.