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Blast Chiller room & Blast Freezer room

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Blast Chiller room & Blast Freezer room


Blast Chiller room & Blast Freezer room

Blast chilling and blast freezing is a method of cooling foods and quickly to prevent the spread of bacteria. Harmful bacteria multiply between +8 °C to +68 °C. The idea is by reducing the temperature of foods to +3°C or below within 90 minute, food is rendered safe for storage and later consumption. Blast chilling and freezing is critical in food preparation for supermarkets, restaurants and food manufacture companies.

Blast chiller rooms are designed to chill food from high food temperatures around 70°C, to about 3°C within 90 minutes. The blast freezer rooms are designed to freeze food quickly down to -18°C within 240 minutes. Due to this very fast temperature drop the blast chillers and freezers are able to allow you to freeze food items with smaller ice crystals than if done without, thus causing less damage. After the item is frozen you are then able to move it to a more conventional freezer to keep the food frozen.

Blast chiller room or Blast freezer room are including insulated panels,compresser units, evaporators,temperature controller, copper pipes and other fittings. If you have any inquiry, plrase contact us any times.