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What are the storage requirements for tea in cold room?

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What are the storage requirements for tea in cold room?

  • 1. Dry

The water content of tea must be controlled at 5%~6% before packaging. When the water content of tea reaches 7%, it is difficult to maintain the fresh flavor of tea through preservation technology and packaging materials. When the water content reaches 10%, the mildew speed of tea will be accelerated.

  • 2. Low temperature

Low temperature can reduce the rate of deterioration of tea leaves. Tea storage temperature should be generally controlled below 5℃, it is best to store in -10℃ cold room, in order to keep the tea flavor unchanged for a long time.

  • 3. Low humidity

Tea is porous and easy to absorb water on the surface. In a high humidity environment, tea will absorb moisture and increase water content. Therefore, tea packaging should be made of waterproof materials and stored in a relative humidity of 30%~50%.

  • 4. Low oxygen

Oxygen will cause the oxidation of chemical components in tea, such as tea polyphenols and vitamin C, and make tea deteriorate. Therefore, the oxygen content in the tea packaging and storage containers should be controlled, as far as possible without oxygen is the best.

  • 5. Avoid light

Light can cause the oxidation of chlorophyll and other substances in tea leaves, so that the green of tea leaves recede into brown yellow. Light will also make tea leaves with the taste of sunshine, resulting in the reduction of tea aroma. Therefore, tea should be kept away from light.