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Cadaver freezer babinet

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Cadaver freezer babinet

Cadaver freezer babinet

Product features:

1.Core material of insulated panel is polyurethane, which has good insulation. Surface material is 304 stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance.

2.The refrigeration equipment adopts international famous compressor brands such as Bitzel, Copeland, the copper tube evaporator and Danfoss valve constitute a reliable and stable microcomputer automatic operation intelligent refrigeration system.

3.Freezer temperature for 2-5 days storing period 0-5 degrees and for long storing period is aroung -15 degrees to -18 degrees.

4.Freezer size is customized according to body quantity.

Application industry

It is mainly used in medical institutions,teaching and research departments such as medical colleges,hospital and funeral home